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Oddajanje poročila za statistiko

Navodila za oddajo statistike RNO najdete na tej povezavi:


Oddajati jo morate do 10. v mesecu, za pretekli mesec.


Katero platformo izbrati za trženje vaše turistične nastanitve?








The HomeAway and VRBO we see today are vastly different from the ones we saw a couple years ago. There have been substantial changes to vacation rental listing sites, from the way they charge homeowners to the amount they charge guests, all the way down to the way they rank properties in search results.

All these changes are leaving vacation rental owners with one critical question: Which listing site is best?

We’ve crunched the numbers for the top five listing sites (HomeAwayVRBOAirbnbTripAdvisor, and Booking.com) so you can determine where you’ll get the biggest bang for your marketing buck.



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